Win a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16

Enter now to win a brand new Tag Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16

Tickets only £5 . Only 1000 entrants.

Competition Closes In
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Calibre 16

The competition is now closed. Congratulations to Ania Brochen who was selected as the winner.

Who Are We?

Who are Watch Raffle?

Watch Raffle is a UK based company. We run knowledge based competition draws where the main prizes are brand new luxury watches. Please see our About section for more information.

How is Watch Raffle Different?

Most of our competitions are limited to 1000 entrants. Other sites may have larger numbers of entrants and may not physically have the watch/prize you are playing for.

Watch Raffle have actual possession of the watches before the start of every competition. The watches can be seen on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. When you enter a Watch Raffle competition you know the watch will be sent immediately without the winner being placed on any waiting list.

How Do I Get In Touch With Watch Raffle?

You can get in touch with us via email ( and via our social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

How Does It Work?

How Do I Enter?

Watch Raffle operate a knowledge based quiz followed by a randomly selected draw. When playing a competition via the website, follow the on-screen instructions:

  1. Select ‘Buy Tickets’
  2. Choose your number of tickets you'd like to enter
  3. Answer the multiple-choice question correctly and pick a charity to donate to
  4. An email will be sent confirming your entry number(s)
  5. Your entry number(s) will be placed in to the competition draw

Why Do I Need To Answer A Question?

To comply with the rules set out by the Gambling Commission and to comply with the Gambling Act 2005, our competitions cannot be based purely on chance. A game of pure chance would be classed as a ‘lottery’. Watch Raffle operates competitions as ‘prize competitions’.

Entrants must be able to use skill, judgement or knowledge to win the watch. Therefore, we have a knowledge based multiple-choice question before placing all the correct answers into the draw.

How Much Is It To Enter?

Each competition will cost between £5.00 and £10.00 per ticket depending on the prize. The cost of a entry will be clearly indicated on each competition.

How Many Times Can I Enter?

You can enter each competition up to 25 times.

How Is The Winner Decided?

Watch Raffle uses an independent agency ( to conduct the draws in a fair, legal and unbiased manner. In the interest of transparency Watch Raffle will conduct all draws live on social media.

What If There Aren't Enough Players?

If there are not enough players to ensure a fair and unbiased draw a ‘cash pot’ scenario will take place. In case of ‘cash pot’ scenario, all entrants will be informed of the ‘cash pot’ scenario via email before the draw date.

How Long Is Each Competition Open For?

Each competition is open for 60 days. There may be rare occasions when Watch Raffle may extend or shorten the competition period.

How Often Are Competitions Held?

Competitions will be run once every month

Can I play If I Live Outside The U.K?

Yes you can, competitions are open to all countries. By entering a Watch Raffle competition you confirm that you are not breaching any laws in your country of residence regarding the legality of entering our competitions.


Are The Prizes Brand New?

Yes. All of our prizes are brand new and sourced from authorised dealers. We may sometimes offer vintage, special, or one off watches however this will be specified in the advertisement for the competition. During the period of the competition the watch will be used for promotional videos and photographs then kept off-site in a safety deposit box until the end of the competition. All receipts, warranties and guarantees will be transferred to the winner.

Is There A Cash Alternative?

Unfortunately we cannot offer a cash alternative as all the watches would have already been purchased and in the possession of Watch Raffle. A cash alternative will only be offered when the prize becomes unsuitable (through damage, loss or theft) or when a ‘cash pot’ scenario arises.

Can I Choose Another Prize?

Unfortunately we cannot offer an alternative watch for any given competition, as the watch would have already been purchased for a specific competition.

We will ask our Watch Raffle community to choose the next watch in a poll which can be found on our main page.

Please only enter the competition(s) where you’re happy with the watch on offer.

How Long Before I Receive My Watch?

Once the draw has been completed, Watch Raffle will attempt to contact the winner via email and/or telephone for a maximum of 14 days. If we cannot get in touch with the winner then an alternative winner will be selected.

Watch Raffle will require the winner to confirm their identity, age and address within this 14 day period and then the watch will be sent out for delivery.

On some occasions, Watch Raffle will hand deliver the watch directly to the winner.

Is My Prize Insured When It's Sent To Me?

All watches sent by Watch Raffle will be fully insured to the value of the watch via Royal Mail Special Delivery. We will send a tracking number as soon as the watch is sent for delivery.

I Live Outside The UK. Who Is Responsible For Import Taxes?

Any winner outside the UK will be responsible for all taxes, duties and other associated fees incurred.